01. RFC Berlin

Robot football club participating in the RoboCup Humanoid League

What is robot football?

Robot football is about autonomous robots playing football against each other. “Autonomous” means that the robots operate on the field by themselves and are not remote-controlled.

What is the RoboCup?

The RoboCup is an international initiative that promotes the development of autonomous robots on a human-like level. The aim is to win against the world champions in human soccer by the middle of the 21st century! A team of autonomous humanoid robots will compete against the reigning human FIFA world champion. The RoboCup is held annually and consists of different leagues. For example, there is a league in which robots are as tall as adult humans. There is also the KidSize league, where the robots are up to one meter tall. We compete in this league.

What do we do?

The club was founded in mid-2020 and participates in the RoboCup Humanoid League. We build and develop robots from scratch.