Puttin' it together

Posted on April 18, 2021

Whoopwhoop, only the arms and electronics are missing!

Another update on the progress of the robot. The robot is very much exactly 100cm tall (excluding the hair). As of now, without the arms, it features 24 servo motors of which none is actually working, because some of the electronics are still missing.

There is already a battery management board (hidden on the back of the robot) where four 18650 cells can be attached which also doubles as USB-to-everything-on-the-robot interface. The main computer (an Odroid N2+) is also inside. All the other electronics are missing though.

Buuuuuut: PCBs and components for our custom smart actuator boards are ordered and should arrive within the next two weeks. If everything works out, we should have ample juice to be pumped into all joints (up to 5A@12V each). The next couple of weeks are pretty crucial with regards to the robot’s development, because then we can tell with certainty that everything works out. Or not, of course 😅…

Please keep your fingers crossed.